Please find the Japanese version below the English text. 日本語版が利用可能です

The Latin word Agnoscere means recognize. By creating this series, I allowed myself to be vulnerable and show my body's "imperfections" and honour all of them. 
Inspired by contemporary dance, I wanted to give my body the freedom to express itself with different poses and accept how it looks. I wanted my body to talk, and I wanted it to show all it had been through. Painful emotions had been stored there for so long. From having scoliosis and other "body imperfections" to continually listening to judgmental comments from my classmates about how skinny I have always been even though I was completely healthy, those comments tore my soul and mental health. 
Trying to be accepted, and because of my low self-esteem, I engaged in activities like modelling to prove I was worth liking. Because of a solid inner voice of transformation, therapy and the love of my family, especially my husband, I have become almost 100% comfortable with the skin I habit. Now, I understand that society is the one that imposes what is beautiful and what is not and now when I look at a tree that grew bent, I recognize that there is absolutely nothing imperfect about it; it is just a tree that happens to be bent, nothing more, nothing less.



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