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Create one fine art self-portrait that communicates an idea, story, or feeling.
We will start by getting inspired and coming up with a very simple story/idea, then we will find a location to shoot at home, gather props (if you want) and sketch the idea (do NOT panic, we will draw like a kid) to finally have fun shooting and editing. Oh yeah!
1. Get Inspired: I will walk you through what you can do to get inspired.
2. Narrowing Down the Idea: I will show you the same process I use to come up with cool ideas after my inspiration activity. This is the time when you will write down all you imagine that you would love to see reflected in your self-portrait. It doesn’t matter how crazy it sounds, write, write, WRITE!!... It could be part of your story, a feeling, a cause you stand up for, or a concept.
4. Let's Shoot, See How It Is Done: I will take you behind my camera so that you can see how I shoot my self-portraits. Here I will share some tips to find the perfect lighting and also how I deal with not knowing how to pose my hands. After this lesson, you will be ready to shoot your self-portrait.
6. Edition: We will experiment first in Lightroom adjusting exposure, light, tones, and a little bit of color, then we will migrate to photoshop where I will show you how I blend the self-portrait with an image of flowers using blending modes. This is the way we will give our photo our artistic touch.
Be flexible and open to changing your direction.
BONUS: I will also provide you with additional Ps files of my work so that you can see the process and experiment with the layers.
Remember, this is all about having fun experimenting by unleashing your creativity. When you finish your project, you will feel motivated and armed with a new skill to keep creating more! Wouldn't it be awesome to start creating more personal work and share it with the world?
PS: Don’t forget to share your project in progress and your final version once you finish on the class page under the project section. I can’t wait to see what you create.
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